Founded in 1987, the Department of Physics at National Chung Hsing University is very young, compared to most other physics departments in Taiwan, yet it has a long upheld tradition of pursuing excellence both in teaching and research that stretches back to its days as the Physics Division in the Department of Applied Mathematics. Today the Department has established itself as the best and most important physics department in central Taiwan.

With 25 full-time professors and 2 teaching assistants devoting themselves to teaching physics that ranges from the deepest and most fundamental to highly interdisciplinary, the Department offers NCHU's students as well as students from universities and schools nearby invaluable learning opportunities. The Department has more than 90 graduate students and 240 undergraduate students. They are led by the faculty to the forefront of contemporary physics.

Research in the Department explores nearly all representative frontiers of physics, including nanoscaled structures and devices, novel magnetic and superconducting materials, quantum computation, thin-film devices, scanning probe microscopy, statistical mechanics of biomolecules and biomembranes, novel amorphous materials, single electronics, biophysics and evolution of bacterial circadian rhythms, and atomic physics. Armed with state-of-the-art facilities, an excellent physics library, and close collaboration with outstanding faculty members in the Schools of Engineering and Life Sciences, the Department's faculty and students are making frequent exciting progress.